yogi_bhajanHappy, Healthy, and Holy organization was founded by our beloved teacher, Yogi Bhajan. The 3HO website provides a lot of information on Kundalini Yoga.

Braco does not make any claims or teach any philosophy. He simply is. His presence and his gaze are the reasons they call him a healer and an enlightened person.

Joe-Dispenza-02Joe Dispenza is one of the leading modern-day teachers of practical spirituality who has inspired thousands of people to transform their lives.

Eos is an Empathic Psychic Medium, Angel Channel, Energy Healer, Pet Psychic, and Enlightenment Coach. She has had a professional practice in Sedona, Arizona since 2002. She was born in Texas, and her abilities created some hardship as a child. At age 18 she coincidentally relocated to an area in Arizona where her abilities were deeply appreciated. After much resistance, she accepted the calling to help others with her abilities and currently feels it is a great honor to do so.

Eos is a joy to work with due to her empowering and often humorous delivery of psychic information. Her clients know her laughter very well!

Sessions by phone or in person: