Our Services

Services1Day Hikes, Vortex Experiences, and Kundalini Yoga

We offer a diverse day hike selection with numerous tours to choose from. Depending on your preferences, physical fit, and interests we will design the best matching itinerary for you. Experience Sedona’s Energy… Read more


Whether you are on the crossroads in your life or simply want to reconnect to that infinite fountain of joy within, a spiritual retreat can be a wonderful solution. It is a great opportunity to reunite with your soul, raise your spirits and reward yourself with a gift of inner peace and well being… Read more

Services5Healing Sessions and Counseling with Irina

Energy healing is one of the ways to release stress and bring yourself back to a place of balance, peace and happiness. It is also a way to approach physical or emotional affliction from a different angle. Experience the alchemy of quintessence and step into your power…  Read more


“Be the change you want to see in the world” is our motto. We believe that we are building a future we want together and individually. It takes some skills to navigate this fast evolving environment with ease, to stay balanced, happy and healthy, to be in your full potential.  You will learn and master techniques that really work, that are simple and yet very effective… Read more