Sedona is a magnificent town surrounded with red rocks known around the world for its unique beauty and magic. It is a very special spiritual place known for its vortexes. Sedona is nested at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon which has some of the most breathtaking views.

Glorious city of sunshine, Sedona is located in Arizona’s high desert at an elevation of 4,500 feet (1,400 m). It welcomes you with four mild seasons that make it a perfect vacation destination all year round. People from all over the world come here to rejuvenate and enrich their lives.

There are a lot of warm sunny days in winter here – great for day hikes. Occasionally, snow gently dusts red rocks, giving them a more spectacular magical look. Fresh breath of spring brings new life to many plants and trees. It is celebrated with vibrant colors of blooming cacti, cherry blossoms and lush greenery. Daytime temperatures rise up to mid nineties towards summer. It is a dry heat that fades away with sunset. Then thundering monsoons come to rescue in July, marching their way into fall. Fall brings a gift of cooler air and wraps Sedona in fantastic array of colors. Sometime in November winter starts her lullaby and many trees fall asleep. Yet Sedona stays green with the grace of the evergreens: junipers, yucca, cacti, sumac and pine trees that decorate her elegant attire.

SedonaSedona has been a sacred place for many tribes such as Yavapai, Apache, Hopi and Navajo for many centuries. Many still come and do their ceremonies here. This holy land is abundant in legends.

City of Sedona was established in 1902. It was named after Sedona Schnebly, wife of Theodore Carl Schnebly — first American settlers of ranching communities in this area. Back in the days, Oak Creek Canyon was well known for its apple and peach orchards. In 1902, when the Sedona post office was established, there were 55 residents. The population of modern Sedona is approximately 10 000 to 12 000 people.

Beauty of red rocks, healing waters of Oak Creek along with mystic power of local vortexes make Sedona a spiritual Mecca. It is best, however, to drop all expectations  and just allow yourself to experience her magic in whatever form it may take.

It is a land of unforgettable sunsets and most amazing bright rainbows.

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