Zero Point Sedona Vortex Tour

Sedona Meditation Retreat
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You are invited to join us on this unique tour of Sedona’s wonders. It is an opportunity to experience an elevating power of Sedona’s vortexes and to learn how to utilize it for your wellbeing. Our experienced guide will share his deep metaphysical knowledge in a fun and easy to understand way.

You will hike amongst breath-taking views of majestic red rocks, meditate in sacred sites, learn about local flora and fauna, fascinating geology, and discover what makes this area so special.

It is a fantastic opportunity to connect to the Earth and to a deeper part of yourself, and may be even to gain a higher perspective on life. This will help you relax, receive inspiring insights and recharge your batteries.

Submerge into zero point of timelessness and make this adventure a highlight of your visit.

This is not a private tour. We visit places in National Forest as well as on private land.

$118 per person. Group size is limited to 6 people.

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