Expand Your Radiance and Exalt Your Spirit Retreat

Kundalini Yoga Bootcamp



“With Kundalini Yoga you can build a healthy body, develop a balanced mind, make contact with your infinity, your innate inner wisdom, as well as open the door so that you can reach your full potential.”
Yogi Bhajan

All levels are welcome. This four-day retreat includes:

  • Four days of Kundalini Yoga and meditation out on the red rocks of Sedona;
  • Six gong baths;
  • A yogic walk and yogic hikes;
  • Yogic lifestyle;
  • Cut through your limitations and exalt your spirit;
  • Vibrate your true essence;
  • Hand picked sets and meditations to work on what is most needed for you;
  • Receive prescribed meditations and/or kriyas of Kundalini Yoga for your personal practice.

This is a 22-hour retreat. $1848 for the first person, $888 for each additional person

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