What Is a Vortex? Vortexes of Sedona

Sedona VortexSedona vortexes are going to affect your visit to Sedona whether you believe in the phenomenon or not. While Sedona is renowned all over the world for its unparalleled beauty, it is also a place of spiritual pilgrimage. Indeed, Sedona’s energy is very unique. Indeed, Sedona’s energy is very unique. Vortex is a powerful tool for personal transformation. Many people are unfamiliar with what a vortex is. And, of course, some do not even believe it is real. However, it does not make it any less of a profound experience for those who are open.  So what is a vortex? Basically, it is an energy flow coming out of and into the Earth.

Sedona is not the only place where vortexes exist. (Although grammatically correct, the plural form “vortices” is not usually used in Sedona where saying “vortexes” is customary.) Some sites are power spots because of sacred structures built there. Egyptian pyramids are a good example of that. Such structures may or may not be based on sacred geometry and/or aligned astronomically. Also, any place where a large number of people pray, meditate, and chant together will have an activated energy flow as well. Very often it could be that a saint who lived, became enlightened, and consciously died at a certain place opens up the flow of energy or a portal to the higher dimensions. People of many faiths have been going on pilgrimages to such sacred sites for millennia. In India, a vortex is often called “tirath” which means “a sacred place.” It comes from Sanskrit “tirtha” meaning “water which can be crossed” and is originated from the verb “tri” meaning “to cross.” And it is usually associated with the possibility to surpass one’s limitation and cross into a more enlightened state.

Many temples, monasteries, and sacred sites of various religions were founded on power spot with already strong energy flow. Very often, it is the geological, electromagnetic, and other factors that create natural power spots – it could be a healing spring, a hidden cave, an unusual river bend, etc. Just like a human being, the Earth has many energy centers, also known as chakras.

We see all Earth as sacred and we consider vortexes of Sedona to be Earth temples. Regardless of which faith you may belong to, you can tap into this powerful spiritual energy. While power spots can be found all over the world, Sedona has unique quality and intensity of energy where a large number of vortexes located in a relatively small area. All of the vortexes in Sedona are of electromagnetic nature. Vortexes are differentiated into feminine, masculine or a combination; positive/negative/neutral; downflow/upflow of energy. These are the labels that people assign to specific places of Sedona trying to explain their nature. It does not mean that you will become more masculine if you visit a masculine vortex site, or the other way around. Neither you will become more negative if you go to a negative vortex. All people have both feminine and masculine energies present where one is usually more expressed then the other. These polarities exchange passive/active roles as we go through different periods in our lives — it is a sophisticated dance of yin and yang energies. Visiting these power spots will always be a unique personal experience based on one’s perception at that point in time. Our advice is to let go of any expectations as no two experiences are alike.

Visiting holy sites can help one transform their consciousness and gain deeper connection with the Spirit. If one’s intentions are pure, it can be a very powerful and healing experience. It helps to remain open-minded, receptive and maintain the attitude of being spiritually oriented towards the Divine to benefit from a pilgrimage to a vortex.

Your vortex encounter turns into a spiritual journey when you are guided through yoga and meditation — your perception sharpens and opens wide like a door, for all that Universe has to offer.

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