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Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

How to Get the Most out of Your Sedona Vortex Experience

When in search of Sedona vortex experience you come out to the desert forest of the red rock country that surrounds Sedona, you know you are in a special place.

I believe all land is sacred – there is no such one place which is not. However, when you’re in Sedona, you know you’re in a very special and sacred place.

Every place is unique. Not even two trees are ever the same. No two leaves are ever the same. Not even two people are the same. Every one of us is special in our own kind of way.

Every place has its different energy.

Sedona's Unique Vortex Energy

Sedona is unique in the combination of amazing energy and mind-blowing views. Different aspects of different vortex sites in Sedona work together to help us ground ourselves, heal, let go of the old, of what no longer serves you, and embrace the new. This is the place to open up to the highest potential of what your soul can embody in this life.

Sedona has always been for me the place that helps me get more clarity. It inspires me to gain a broader perspective, a deeper vision of life in general, really big things, as well as our daily situations.

I believe one cannot say that she has been to Sedona until she sets her foot on Sedona’s trails, slows down, and allows herself to align with the this amazing healing energy of this beautiful land. Sedona’s ability to heal and transform is the reason we love being here so much.

I have an image of a movie about future. You’re being put into a vibrational chamber to balance and align your bodily frequency to the vibration of health and wellbeing. If you were in such a machine, why not turn it on, plug in, and open up to the healing effect? A lot of times we are in the most amazing vortex energy spot yet we are not really there.

What Gets in the Way of Experiencing Sedona Vortex Energy

Our minds are so busy with our cellphones. We think. We worry about things. We try to capture the moment and take photos. We take a shot of something and our attention shifts to the next aim – as if you’ve put that view in a suitcase and now you’re ready to go.

We get distracted. Many of us will leave rushing to the next place trying to get more, capture more, and see more. By doing this we are missing out on the depth of our experience.

How to Effectively Tap into Sedona Vortex Energy

Slow Down

This is the first thing we focus on our vortex tours. Gain traction by slowing down. Bring yourself into the moment, breathe, and open up to the whole spectrum of the healing vibration. It’s usually nothing like jumping into a cold shower – tune in to the subtlety and to the little things and sensations. This allows you to really experience the magic of the vortex.

The powerful energy of the vortex is there for you. You want to slowly allow your thinking processes to recede. Let go and align with the healing vibe of the place. With each breath, sync more and more with the source of inner peace, balance, harmony and good health.


It is about relaxing into your true self. It is about embracing all aspects of who you are. This is what allows us to naturally open up and align with the healing vibration of the vortex.

And the vortex in turn helps you go deeper into relaxing and reconnecting with your true self.

Be Grateful

What also helps me a lot, when I’m out on the land, is the feeling of gratitude. Be grateful for all aspects of life. Let your heart fill up with gratitude for all of the bright moments in your life. Be grateful for everything (including all of the tough times and challenges in life). Be grateful for your whole life, for each breath, for each moment, for having this physical body that allows you to perceive this beauty.

Be grateful for this moment.

Gratitude is the key to moving forward.

Walk Consciously

So many of us walk like we are half-awake. We are not really there.

Don’t just walk – walk consciously. Walk and really be present. Everything in nature communicates. Trees communicate in the forest. Every rock and every little particle of sand has its history. You can see that the history being communicated through geology.

Realize Interconnectedness of All and Be Present

It is interesting to observe as our civilization is slowly opening up and to the New Paradigm, as  consciousness shifts, we recognize different things in nature as well. For example, we see more and more beyond competitiveness and survival mode. Now scientists also discover that trees actually help each other. They interact. Not only can they send impulses via a network of mycofungi but they can also send nutrients from tree to tree. (This is definitely a good subject for another post.)

Everything is consciousness. Everything communicates. Everything responds to your consciousness, to your gratitude, to your presence.

Make Your Walk a Sacred Pilgrimage

Every time I walk I remind myself to see it as a sacred pilgrimage. To me it is a walk through sacred land and I prefer to do it in a conscious way.

Honor and respect all life. Life is sacred. It’s a self-regulating, self-balancing miracle which never stops. And this is what nature does for us – it offers balancing and healing. You are a part of this miracle. You are a part of this world.

Wish all plants good health. May all members of the ecosystem happy and strong. As well as the soil and the animals…

Let Sedona Guide You to the Next Level

Have no expectations. Be receptive, accepting, and still. Unwind, recharge your batteries, and bring balance to your life with Sedona’s uplifting energy. Let the magic happen.

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