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It was my daughter’s third birthday a couple of weeks ago. And at the end of the day, my daughter said something like, “I want another birthday” or “I want more birthdays.” I told her about the fact that we celebrate that we complete a cycle of rotation of the Earth around the Sun and the seasons which are associated with such cycle. And I felt like it might not have exactly made a whole lot of sense for her – she was not really satisfied with that answer.

Think about this: Why do we choose to celebrate a birth of a human being only one day a year?

You generally want to make the person whose birthday it is feel special. You want him or her to feel loved and cared about. And you go about your day still trying to focus on that. Gifts and parties are one thing. But the main theme is about loving and celebrating the life of that person. Why not do it every day? Why not do it to all your family members all the time? Why not do it to every person you come across in your life? Do you feel there are people who shouldn’t feel that they are loved and cared about? It is those people who feel that the world has quit on them, those who don’t feel any love or support who are a lot likelier to act in a more violent way or commit a crime. What kind of people does the world need in order to be a better place: a place where kids feel safe and cared about, to be a place where people interact with each other in a civilized way, where there is meaning attached to everything we do?

Why not celebrate every day of your life in such a way that we honor and treat with respect our own bodies, our mind, our emotions and feelings, our soul and our essence? Why not forgive yourself and others? Why not accept all aspects of ourselves the way we are – all of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sides? Why not accept other people the way they are, with compassion?

If you want to improve your relationship with others and with you own self, be true to yourself. Accept things the way they are so that you can work with them – and things will improve.

Let’s honor and celebrate the lives of ourselves and others every day of the year!



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