About Us

Like many wonderful projects, it all began with a dream that was powered by passion.  Our dream was to create something that can bring people of all paths together, like brothers and sisters of one human family.

One Tribe Tours offers exquisite tours and comprehensive personal growth and development programs in Sedona and around south west that are designed to help people get on a path to their wellbeing, to feel happy and whole again. Sedona is a wonderful place to connect with the Earth energy by experiencing its power spots, as well as appreciate its stunning beauty hiking surrounded with this magical landscape. Our planet Earth is really alive and it gives life to everything on it including our physical bodies, our food, the air we breathe, the water we drink – so many things to be grateful for.

We love Mother Earth and we believe in leaving no trace.  In addition to learning about our beautiful nature, at One Tribe Tours, we make sure we cause no harm to the vulnerable soil and plants of Arizona’s high desert.

Here at One Tribe Tours, we find it our true purpose to guide people to find that balance and peace within, that they often forget is always there, to help them reconnect to their own precious essence opening their hearts and singing the song of their souls.

We use different tools to achieve that. We tune in to each client or a group to channel messages they need to hear at this point in time that will trigger the healing process. They submerge deeper into the soothing energy of this land through our guided meditations and Kundalini Yoga elements/classes on power spots. Guided meditations are particularly great for those who do not have a regular practice of their own yet it is great for everybody.

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful technology to keep mind, body, and spirit in harmony. It includes physical exercises, breathing, mantras, and meditations. This type of yoga can be easily adapted to any level: from beginners to advanced practitioners and does not require any previous experience. It gives you strength to go through any challenge, get rid of all sorts of addictions, master commitment, and, most importantly, to be happy and confident with who you are, creating the life of your dreams.

We gently guide our clients to maintain their focus while being completely relaxed. Each customer is treated as a guest of honor. Unless stated otherwise, all our Sedona tours and retreats are private so we can offer you and your party exactly what you need.

Our goal is to exceed expectations and provide you with unforgettable experiences which will allow you to come back home lighter, happier and more in peace with yourself and the world.