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Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

About Us

About Us

Like many wonderful projects, One Tribe Tours began with a dream that was powered by passion. Our dream was to create something that can bring people of all paths together, like brothers and sisters of one human family.

The Seeding

The actual seed for this passion was planted in the heart of a little boy named Danil when he hiked Pioneer Peak (10,000 ft high) in the Western Caucasian Mountains at the age of 6.

Standing there, so high up, he was blown away by all the beauty he saw around him – waterfalls, mountains, glaciers, etc. It was Danil’s first life-changing experience of nature. His dream at that very point became to be a guide. And Danil was hooked on hiking and exploring after that hike. Nature always made him feel great.

While other kids enjoyed reading Winnie the Pooh, Danil was obsessed with maps and atlases. He loved sharing his knowledge even back then so he trained his baby brother to name all the islands in Polynesia and recognize them in an atlas. By two he was an expert too!

Sure enough Danil shared his love for nature with me too when we met.

Together we discovered power spots around the Caucasus. We dove into the mystical world of metaphysics. We had our Reiki initiation back in 2001 and studied many other modalities.

The Seed Is Sprouting

Following Divine guidance, we came to the US where we continued our metaphysical training in various modalities while living in Brooklyn, NY. We studied Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Kundalini Yoga among many other disciplines. Kundalini Yoga became one of our favorites. We loved how we felt after practicing it. It also helped us become more resilient and stable even in the middle of NYC. 

Teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek on sacred geometry also had a big impact on both of us. When he announced Return of the Ancestors gathering in 2009, organized by Adam Yellowbird, we knew that we had to be there. Seeing people of all walks coming together and praying, doing sacred ceremonies together, being One Tribe was incredibly inspiring. It felt so great to belong to this tribe of human beings and this is why we later decided to name our company One Tribe Tours.

When we moved to Sedona a year later, mystical experiences became part of our everyday life.

Our path hasn’t always been clear and easy. Sedona is a big amplifier – she brings stuff up to be acknowledged, processed, and released. Meditating on Sedona’s sacred sites during difficult times we felt our worries melt away almost instantly. This happened so many times. 

Spending a lot of time hiking and exploring we quickly learned that Sedona vortex spots have different quality of energy. Some made us feel relaxed and peaceful. Others brought interesting insights or bursts of unexplainable joy. Some could amplify unprocessed stuff that had to be faced. Sedona vortex sites can naturally align you with your Truth and Soul’s purpose.

The Birth of One Tribe Tours

One day, when we were out hiking, we started hearing a voice whispering to our ears about doing spiritual tours here in Sedona. This gentle whisper was very persistent. So we listened. Danil remembered his childhood dream. We both felt incredible resonance with the idea.

This is how One Tribe Tours was born in December of 2011.

We have been learning, experimenting, and improving what we offer by staying flexible and listening to our guidance.

In 2012 we both took Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Phoenix, AZ.

When creating educational tours and retreats we interlace practical metaphysics, yoga, guided meditations, and healing arts with our love for Mother Nature. This allows our guests to experience a state of being where all worries and noise subside. As a result, they relax, release stress, reconnect to their own true essence, open their hearts, and feel the bliss of being alive. What is remarkable is that the shift from tension and depressing vibrations to feeling joy of connection to all of Creation and your own True Essence can happen very quickly.

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Aloha Activation

In 2014, when our daughter was one, we were guided to move to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Aside from being a lush tropical paradise, Big Island is powerful vortex too. It brings stuff up. It was a big surprise for both of us. Yet overcoming our challenges made room for a profound activation to happen. This activation changed direction of my healing work and reflects in what we do on our tours now.

Integration of physical and spiritual through the power of present moment is our main focus now.

Our Unique Sedona Vortex Tours and Retreats

Aside from being educational and inspiring, we see every tour as a healing journey.

Healing happens on our tours all the time and this is what thrills us most. It is difficult to put in words how much we love to assist our sisters and brothers on their path to being happy and to creating harmony in their lives.

Before each vortex tour or retreat we tune in to our guests to create the best itinerary for the group. As a result, the messages we channel for our guests and vortex spots we take them to naturally catalyze healing process and transformation.

Our guests submerge deeper into the soothing energy of this land through our guided meditations and Kundalini Yoga elements/classes on power spots. Using guided meditations, we help our guests create a special connection with Sedona vortex, which is a crucial element.

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Clarity and insights come naturally when one is aligned with their Higher Self and Mother Earth.

We love Mother Earth and we believe in leaving no trace. In addition to learning about our beautiful nature, at One Tribe Tours, we make sure we cause no harm to the vulnerable soil and plants of Arizona’s high desert.

Our goal is to facilitate an unforgettable mystical experience which will allow you to come back home feeling lighter, happier, and in peace with your life and the world.

New Paradigm is about sharing the best and from your heart. We love sharing yummy snacks with our tribe. That is why we choose pure organic ingredients and make gluten-free pastries and raw chocolates for our tours and retreats with love. They go really well with a cup of refreshing herbal tea.

When Your True Essence Shines, We Shine Together and Heal Our Human Tribe

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With love, joy, and gratitude,

Irina and Danil Litvin
One Tribe Tours

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