Sedona Vortex Retreats

Sedona spiritual vortex retreats are the best gift for those seeking to find clarity, peace within, restore loving connection in their relationship, heal a broken heart, or align with their soul’s purpose.


Sedona has been known not just for her stunning beauty but also for her powerful vortex energy.  Her mysterious power spots are recognized for their ability to activate and speed up the transformation that people are looking for.

Every year spiritual pilgrims of all paths come to Sedona seeking to experience elevated states of consciousness and connection with the Divine on a deeper level.

There is something magical and mysterious about this sacred land that has an ability to touch people’s hearts like no other place on the planet.

Pilgrims from all over the world agree that Sedona is a perfect place to disconnect from the stressful busy routine that most people go through every single day…

We all know how difficult it is to stay focused, productive, and be happy when we are overwhelmed by the demanding pace of our modern world. It is so easy to forget how it feels to be relaxed and simply be…

Soothing energy of Sedona can take it all away, clear all that no longer serves you and make room for expansion and spiritual growth.

During your retreat you will share with you our best practical spiritual tools that we’ve discovered on our spiritual path of two decades. We will show you how you can easily purify your aura and bring balance to all areas of your life using Sedona’s vortex energy.

You will also get insights on staying stable, healthy, and stress resistant in any environment.

You will go back home feeling inspired, with your spiritual batteries recharged,  feeling empowered, centered and invincible.


For seven consecutive days, Danil brought the magic of Sedona into my life. Our daily yoga outdoors and hikes at the vortex sites (i.e. Airport Mesa, Amitabha Stupa, and some hidden gems that are not so well known) brought me peace, tranquility, expansion, and liberation. Furthermore, I received wonderful healing sessions and spiritual counseling during my retreat from Irina, who is also an excellent vegetarian cook. I highly recommend One Tribe Tours for your next excursion. – Jessica Foley

Your Sedona Retreat

Whether you are on the crossroads in your life or simply want to reconnect to that infinite fountain of joy within, a spiritual retreat is a wonderful solution.

All our Sedona retreats are designed with the purpose of wholeness and integrity, with a goal of connecting you to your Divine essence, your own infinite well of wisdom, your unique and beautiful light within.

You can rely on our metaphysical experience of nearly two decades when it comes to creating a life-changing, meaningful and healing experience that will empower you to live a more fulfilling life.

Spiritual retreat in Sedona is a great opportunity to break free and reward yourself with a gift of inner peace and well-being.

I feel so very blessed that I’ve met you both. You have both enlightened and enhanced my life through healing and sharing your love. I’m so appreciative that you shared your gifts and knowledge with me. You made me feel like family. – Jeff Sonnek


 What Makes Our Retreats Special

  • All our retreats are private unless specified otherwise.
  • Each retreat we offer in Sedona is a vortex retreat which means that you will be guided to experience Sedona’s unique vortex energy from different angles.
  • We teach our guests how to connect to Sedona’s vortex energy using a simple yet very powerful strategy. It allows them to become more receptive and aware of Sedona’s energies, and get the most benefit out of their vortex encounter.
  • We customize each retreat honoring our guests’ specific needs and goals.
  • We skillfully interlace guided meditation, Kundalini Yoga, energy healing of various modalities, channeling messages from spirit guides and angels, shamanic practices and extensive knowledge of local geology, flora and fauna into each Sedona retreat.

One Tribe Tours does not offer lodging but we do have favorites to recommend.

What to Expect on Your Sedona Spiritual Retreat

At One Tribe Tours you will be guided through an unforgettable retreat experience and taken to Sedona’s most incredible power spots, referred to as “vortexes.”

Your Sedona retreat itinerary will be carefully selected to match your choice of hiking level, from easy walking to moderately strenuous.

You will enjoy the serene tranquility of these magical places while allowing deep transformation to take place within.

You will be gently guided on your spiritual quest to discover and empower your own unique gifts and to reconnect to your own inner guidance and true essence.

All retreats are at least five hours each day and consist almost entirely of outdoor activities weather permitting.

Some retreats include organic homemade vegetarian lunch.

We are one of the few companies that are legally permitted by the Coconino National Forest.


Heal Your Heart after a Breakup Retreat
$470-1111$620 or $1111 for the first person, $440 or $750 for each additional
2 or 4 days
Clear the Path to Your Dream Life Retreat
$473-840$840 for the first person, $400 for each additional person
2 days
The Power of Love Retreat
$595-1344$1344 for the first person, $445 for each additional person
3 days
Alchemy of Manifestation Retreat
$752-1260$1260 for the first person, $650 for each additional person
3 days
Expand Your Radiance and Exalt Your Spirit Retreat
$1038-1848$1848 for the first person, $888 for each additional person
4 days

*We donate 10% of our profit to local charities.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in a custom retreat.