Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

The Power of Love Retreat

The Power of Love Retreat

Private Two-Day Spiritual Sedona Retreat for Couples

Relationships Don’t Thrive Because of Good Times – They Last and Thrive Because Hard Times Were Handled with Love and Compassion

Feeling that your relationship is getting out of tune and loving bond with your beloved needs a boost?

The pressure and intensity of busy life has a direct impact on our love life. Not enough of time well-spent together, emotional overwhelm and a pile of important little things that are left unaddressed can slowly erode even the most beautiful relationships. This leads to emotional distancing and creates walls between once soulmates. With a lack of emotional intimacy also disappears physical intimacy.

Where do you want your relationship to be? If you want to have a relationship that deeply nourishes your heart and Soul, the love that inspires you to overcome any challenges in life, you need to make time for meaningful connection with your partner. No material things can replace that precious time spent connecting with your beloved in a meaningful way.

The truth is that if you are committed to heal your relationship, there is a way to reverse negative patterns.

Sedona is one of the most romantic places on the planet and it has powerful healing energy. This energy and the spectacular views of magnificent red rocks will help you two reconnect and rekindle your love.

Our three-day couples retreat is fully customizable and personalized to the unique dynamic of your relationship so you can get fast and lasting results.

Counseling couples with a spiritual perspective in mind gives us a lot of practical tools that we happily share on our retreats. These are the same tools we have been using in our relationship of 20 years.

Approximate Schedule

Day 1

  • Purification ceremony
  • Kundalini Yoga class out on the red rocks of Sedona
  • Guided meditation for connecting to the vortex energy
  • Lunch break
  • Learning about specifics of male-female psychology
  • Hiking and exploring vortex sites

Day 2

  • Releasing emotional tension with Kundalini Yoga
  • Healing gong session on a vortex site
  • Guided Meditation to balance negative, positive, and neutral minds
  • Lunch break
  • Learning to observe your feelings without diving into the story of events. This will help you see your issues objectively
  • Yogic walk to become more mindful and present

Day 3

  • Learn our practical tips and techniques to improve communication, resolve conflicts consciously, and peel off layers of conditioning in your relationship
  • Energy healing session to harmonize your love flow
  • Lunch break
  • A beautiful blessing ceremony in a sacred Sedona vortex site
  • Romantic sunset hike
  • Receive prescribed meditations and/or exercises to nurture positive changes and make them last

What Is Not Included

  • Accommodations are not included but we can recommend best places in town
  • Meals other than lunch

What Is Included

  • Retreat activities will take place outdoors weather permitting.
  • Yoga mats and props will be provided.
  • Water bottles are provided.
  • Gourmet home-made lunch is included (please let us know about your diet and food allergies).
  • We will share with you our home-made organic raw chocolates, gluten-free cookies, and tea to speed up the transformation 🙂

Every day starts at 9 am unless specified otherwise.

Plan to spend around 6-7 hours each day practicing yoga, meditating, and hiking outside (weather permitting) in the vortex spots of Sedona.

Ready to take your relationship to the next level?