The Power of Love Retreat

Bring Harmony to Your Relationship (Recommended for Couples)

The Power of Love Sedona Retreat 1

“The best relationships use whatever happens, however hellish or disheartening, not only to deepen the relationship, but to also awaken us beyond it”
Robert Augustus Masters

This three-day Sedona couple’s retreat includes:

  • Finding out about major conflict factors affecting many relationships and pinpointing your own issues;
  • Learn about specifics of male-female psychology;
  • Useful tips and techniques to improve your relationship;
  • Three private Kundalini Yoga classes out on the red rocks of Sedona;
  • At least two healing gong sessions on a vortex;
  • A yogic walk;
  • Visit the most romantic places in Sedona;
  • Balance negative, positive, and neutral minds;
  • A blessing ceremony in a powerful Sedona vortex;
  • Connect to your Higher Self and receive guidance;
  • Receive prescribed meditations and/or kriyas to refine your relationship.

This retreat is 16 hours. $1344 for the first person, $445 for each additional person

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