Sedona Vortex Tours

Tap into powerful vortex energy to heal and get inspired on our
Sedona Vortex Tours

Make your visit to Sedona a special spiritual experience.

Our Sedona vortex tours are designed to create an authentic and meaningful mystical experience that your heart desires. On our vortex tours, we encourage you to slow down, relax, listen, feel, meditate, expand your consciousness, and allow yourself to connect to this sacred land of Sedona in a special way.

Our tours are highly customizable to suit your interests, speed of exploration, as well as your physical needs.

De-stress, reset, recharge, find peace and tranquility within, plant seeds of positive change, educate yourself, and become inspired in Sedona! Open up to the most amazing and heart-focused transformation you deserve!

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Sedona Vortex Tours and Spiritual Retreats

All of our Sedona vortex tours and retreats include guided meditations and special exercises that help you become more receptive and have a deeper spiritual experience of Sedona’s unique vortex energy. We will guide you to get the most benefit out of your Sedona vortex encounter.

Dan is clearly doing what he was put on earth to do, which is an incredible thing to be around. Infinite gratitude to Dan for taking my bridal party to the vortexes of Sedona wilderness for meditation and healing exercises, keeping us fed with delicious, healthy meals, and providing an all around wonderful experience. I could not recommend Dan more highly – if you want to experience Sedona, go on a tour with Dan! – Melissa R., Texas


We accept online reservations for up to 6 people only. We can accommodate larger groups upon request.

Private Customizable Sedona Vortex Tour Choices

Sedona Sunset Private Vortex Tour
$80 - $250 per person$250 for the first person, $45 for each additional person
3 hours
Four-Hour Private Sedona Vortex Tour
$98 - $315 per person$315 for the first person, $55 for each additional person
4 hours
Kundalini Yoga in a Vortex – Private Class
$88 - $275 per person$275 for the first person, $50 for each additional person
3 1/2 hours
Whole-Day Private Sedona Experience
$145 - $495 per person$495 for the first person, $75 each additional person
7 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

10% of our profit is donated to charities.

Our Cancellation Policy:
If the tour is cancelled 5 days prior to the day of the tour, you will receive a full refund.
When the tour is cancelled 24 hours prior, you will receive 70% back.
If the tour is cancelled less than 24 hours prior, there will be no refund.
If we cancel the tour due to the weather or other conditions, we will issue a full refund.

For multi-day experiences, please see our retreats.

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Please contact us if you have any questions.