Sedona Sunset Private Vortex Tour

Sedona Sunset Vortex Tour
Sedona Sunset Vortex Tour2
Sedona  Vortex Retreat
Sedona Sunset Vortex Tour3
Sedona Sunset Vortex Tour5

Witness the most incredible sunset in a spectacular setting of Sedona. Hike and meditate around awe-inspiring rock formations created by mother earth throughout millions of years.

Enjoy Sedona’s breathtaking views bathed in the soft vibrant colors of sunset on one of her powerful vortex sites.

Get the most out of this vortex experience with an expert. Our guides have more than 15 years of metaphysical training in various spiritual modalities.

Learn about Sedona’s striking flora and fauna, her rich spiritual heritage and fascinating geology.

Your guide will photograph happy moments of this special day, so you can enjoy the moment rather than worry about “capturing” it.

Finish this fabulous day with a sweat touch of organic homemade gluten-free pastries and artisanal chocolates that go well with tea and the magic of Sedona!

It is a three-hour tour with an easy to moderate hike.

$250 for the first person, $45 for each additional person

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