Whole-Day Sedona Experience – Private Tour

Whole-day Sedona Vortex Experience
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Whole-day Sedona Vortex Experience3
Whole-day Sedona Vortex Experience4
Whole-day Sedona Vortex Experience5

This Whole-Day Sedona Experience is the best way to see the most of Sedona, feel and compare energy on various vortex sites with a professional local guide. You will hike admiring stunning beauty of Sedona and enjoying her magical charm from different angles. We will take you to Sedona’s special secluded places as well as powerful vortex sites — all in one unforgettable day.

⭐You will learn about Sedona’s exotic flora and fauna, her rich spiritual heritage and fascinating geology.

⭐Let your imagination soar looking at breathtaking rock formations while hiking around this spectacular landscape.

⭐We will point out Sedona’s highlights to you that many visitors easily miss.

⭐Your knowledgeable guide will teach you how to attune to the subtle energy of the vortex and to utilize its healing potential to power your dreams.

⭐Our guides have more than 20 years of metaphysical training in various spiritual modalities.

Your itinerary will be selected based on spiritual guidance we receive as well as your preferences and needs.

We will be taking picture of your tour and email them to you later .

What to expect on Whole-Day Sedona Experience

We pick you up at your location (within Sedona city limits), take you out on the red rocks where we will start with a smudging ceremony. Then we will proceed with easy to moderate hiking (depends on your preference), do some easy exercises to better attune to the vortex energy. You will be guided to explore spiritual realm of Sedona in meditation.

Your guide will then take you to a beautiful place in nature to have lunch. When finished with lunch you will continue exploring other vortex sites with your guide.

Our goal is to help you have the most comprehensive vortex experience of Sedona rather than putting checkmarks of places visited. So expect to slow down into the present moment, pay attention to your body, and be open to what the Universe wants to share with you.

Once the tour is done, you will be taken back to your hotel.

What is included

This tour includes a gourmet healthy organic lunch and homemade gluten-free pastries, chocolate truffles, and herbal tea. You will have this delicious lunch with the magical splendor of Sedona in the background!

$495 for the first person, $75 each additional person

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