Kundalini Yoga in a Vortex – Private Class

Kundalini Yoga in a Vortex
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Are you ready for a unique vacation experience that will uplift and inspire you? Try our famous Kundalini Yoga in a vortex site tour. This tour includes a full yoga class and is followed by a symphonic gong healing.

Amplify your yoga experience, effortlessly submerging into the point of stillness and tranquility in the best environment – outside in nature. Release the stress of busy lifestyle, and let your mind relax. Tap into timelessness of reality and vastness of the present moment. Integrate this healing experience with vibrations of the symphonic gong and Sedona’s elevating energy.

⭐All our guides are certified Kundalini Yoga teachers as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

⭐Kundalini Yoga is a yoga of awareness. This powerful yet safe technology allows you to navigate into the depths of your mind and bring peace and harmony where it is most needed. It helps you to become aware of negative patterns in your mind and turn them into blessings.

⭐ Practicing Kundalini Yoga in a vortex will open your heart and help you feel love and support of the Universe.

⭐Fantastic views of majestic red rocks and healing vortex energy of Sedona will make this experience a memorable highlight of the year.

At One Tribe Tours we believe in sharing the best with our tribe and love to treat our guests with homemade organic gluten-free cookies and artisanal chocolates that go well with herbal tea and the magic of Sedona!

Danil is a wonderful yoga instructor. I regularly practice kundalini yoga and experienced a deeper meditation with Danil. My daughter had never practiced this type of yoga and was impressed with her focus and experience. The vegan cookies and handmade chocolates with yogi tea afterwards was a delight after our session. Thanks Danil for a wonderful morning. We will be back for another tour in the future.
– Sandra & Silvey

$275 for the first person, $50 for each additional person

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