Four-Hour Private Sedona Vortex Tour

Four-hour Private Sedona Vortex Tour
Four-hour Private Sedona Vortex Tour2
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Four-hour Private Sedona Vortex Tour4
Sedona Vortex Spiritual Tour

Four-hour experience of some of the most famous vortex sites. It is an unforgettable adventure with emphasis on metaphysics where you can also learn about local geology, rich and diverse flora and fauna, and enjoy numerous fantastic views of majestic red rocks. We visit sites in National Forest and private land.

Begin your tour with a Native American smudging ceremony. Hike amongst the most beautiful rock formations in the world to a special sacred place, called a vortex. Your knowledgeable guide will instruct you to do some simple yet very effective Kundalini Yoga warm-up exercises to better tune in to the vortex energy. Once you feel more relaxed you will be guided in a beautiful meditation that will open your heart and help to deeper connect to this sacred land. Explore other power spots and feel their unique energy. Our guides have more than 15 years of metaphysical training in various spiritual modalities.

Add more sweetness to this day with homemade organic gluten-free cookies and artisanal chocolates that go well with tea and the views!

$315 for the first person, $55 for each additional person

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