Alchemy of Manifestation Retreat


Discover the five sutras of the Aquarian Age.
1. There is a way through every block.
2. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4. Recognize the other person is you.
5. Vibrate the Cosmos and the Cosmos shall clear the path.
Yogi Bhajan

Omg. I just finished a 3-day retreat with them. Dan is so passionate about what he does. He connects with me & chose the perfect spot & perfect yoga exercises for me. Irina is a loving healer. The food she prepared for me was healthy, wonderful, delicious & full of love. I hope I can make this an annual treat for myself! – Joanne Kan

This three-day Sedona meditation and yoga retreat includes:

  • Work on restructuring your reality to create harmony;
  • Understanding the role of belief systems and importance of conscious choices;
  • Connect to your Higher Self and receive guidance and ideas utilizing them through commitment;
  • Three private Kundalini Yoga classes out on the red rocks of Sedona;
  • At least two healing gong sessions on a vortex;
  • A Sat Nam Rasayan healing session;
  • A yogic walk;
  • Release stress and tension of modern lifestyle;
  • Discover the power of three minds, positive, negative, and neutral and learn about the ways to balance them;
  • Restore your connection to Mother Earth in sacred places of Sedona;
  • Recognize the Divine flow and learn to trust it;
  • Receive prescribed meditations and/or kriyas of Kundalini Yoga to purify and empower you on your path.

Plan to spend 5-7 hours each day practicing yoga out on the red rocks of Sedona.

$1260 for the first person, $650 for each additional person

Logistics of this Sedona Meditation and Yoga Retreat:

  • This retreat does not include lodging.
  • Every day begins at 9:00 am.
  • We will pick you up from your place of stay.
  • Retreat activities will take place outdoor/indoor depending on the weather.
  • Yoga mats and props will be provided.
  • Includes gourmet home-made lunch (please let us know about your diet and food allergies)
  • We will share with you our home-made organic raw chocolates, gluten-free cookies, and tea to nurture your soul and speed up the transformation.

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