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Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

Miracles and Reality of the Changing World

IMG_5247_resizedThe world is changing. No matter where in the world you may be living, there is no denying of this fact. And it is changing very fast these days. We are not what we were just a few years ago. We no longer want to live the reality of the past. We know that this progress is unstoppable at this point and all aspects of our lives are going through major shifts and transitions. There have been many prophecies and predictions as well as many interpretations of those, saying that things will be very different from the old ways.

The world we used to know is no longer here. It is gone – not only in the metaphysical sense but physically as well. For example, a few years ago scientists were shocked to find out that proton, a well-studied subatomic particle, all of a sudden “lost” 4% of its weight: Proton is a part of every single atom. It is everywhere throughout our Universe. This alone is such a major shift that completely changes our physics, the very matter our physical world consists of.

And what’s happening with us, with the human race? Things are intensifying. Time is getting faster and faster. Technologically we are experiencing such rapid advancement at an unprecedented pace. So many secret spiritual teachings are becoming open and available to seekers. Truth is emerging everywhere. Lies are coming up to the surface faster and unethical practices are getting revealed sooner than ever. In the past people would simply put up with injustice and succumb. Feeling small and powerless was the norm. These days, the expectation of justice and truth is increasingly growing and it is an escalating movement. It is a revolution of consciousness. People rebel against violence and lean towards love as it is love, compassion, and integrity that bring forth peace.

loveInterestingly enough, it is happening not because of the outside influence alone. Yes, there are various cycles involved and multiple levels to it. Our Universe is changing and so are we. It is a process that is happening within and without, involving every particle that makes up this Universe – everything we perceive with our senses and far beyond. For example, a cell in a body of a person going through a healing process is but a tiny cell. At the same time, it is an inseparable part of the whole. And its participation is required. Indeed, it is a miracle. And yet, it is just a natural flow of things. Each cell has the mechanisms necessary to heal itself. Healing is a miracle, however, this is what the body does naturally.

We tend to take things for granted. But everything in this world is a miracle – the very existence of life, our birth into this world, the variety of life forms, the change of seasons, the table of elements, the Moon cycles, etc. Miracles do not happen despite of the known laws of physics but instead in alignment with the Universal laws. Just like water which runs downstream and air bubbles in the water that move upward, everything just follows the natural flow of things. This is how we are always naturally drawn to that balance within, to harmony, to health, to truth, and to love. It is the law of God. And while we may appear to be lost at times, when the conditions are right, miracles are nothing but the natural flow of things.

This meditation can help connect to and cultivate the natural internal pull toward embracing the bigger reality in your life. The key is to understand that in every moment of time, in the present, in the past, or in the future, you can see Divine presence. It is an illusion when we feel that we were separate from God at a certain moment in time. We feel some shame, guilt, anger, frustration, etc. and we may feel that that moment is not worthy of Divine presence and that is how we label that moment to be a “lesser blessed” one and we may separate ourselves from the bigger picture available in that moment in time and place. There are always multiple ways of seeing the same thing. It is the awareness of one’s individual what defines the perceived aspect of reality.

I like an analogy with a video tape – if there is a tape that means there is a substance that allows for a recording to be made. The recording exists because there is a tape. We have lived every moment in our lives because there is that Divine fabric that makes up our lives. Thus every moment contains the potential of Divine realization.

Separation and judgment, whether towards something external or internal, take us out of the state of harmony causing many imbalances in our lives, from health to relationships. However, if we focus on gratitude and recognize miracles in every moment and choose to see every challenge as an opportunity to improve, to learn something, then we can connect to the Source. Once connected, we begin to relax and trust that we are always being taken care of. This awareness brings peace, balance, and ease into our lives.

These days more and more people are waking up to the bigger reality, each one of us creating an impact and contributing to the collective consciousness. It makes it easier for the rest of us to feel the call to start removing the layers of illusion and judgment and to follow our own path and embracing and manifesting the Higher Reality in our lives.

It does not matter what is causing the shift, whether it is triggered by the external influences or the internal work – it is all One.

Meditate daily and bless yourself with realization of that Higher Reality. Enjoy the ride and allow miracles to happen.

One Tribe. One Universe. One Love.

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