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Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

Holding Your Ground in the Middle of Election Race

“Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times” is Yogi Bhajan’s fourth sutra for the Aquarian age. If you are able to see all polarities without judgment but with the feeling of compassion then you also know you are not being negatively affected by what is going on in the world and, currently, the drama of elections.

The intensification of negativity in the outside world is far greater than it has ever been in the past, in the known history of humankind. This puts pressure on us to look within. Emotional extremes of fear, hate, lies, continue to be pushed to the surface. It is as if the Universe is answering our prayers for justice and peace to be cultivated within each individual.

When you get too caught up in a certain polarity, meditate on this. You live on a planet that is traveling through space with enormous speed in the vastness of space that your mind cannot comprehend. Really attempt to embrace surrounding infinity of this Creation. Stay with it – really feel it. As within so without. Now look within and see the reflection of the endless vast space inside of you. Meditate on the infinity within.  Then without any judgment bring your awareness to the fact that there are multiple belief systems out there in the world which may be often in conflict with each other; we should also recognize that there are many different beliefs within ourselves. How many times did we think things were a certain way and then were proven wrong? The more open-minded and flexible you are, the easier it is to see through the veil, maintain unobstructed vision of things as they are. In order to be able to always access the Truth, we need to cultivate the Truth within, we need to cultivate compassion to the “good” and the “bad,” the “right” and the “wrong,” and all manifestations of this Creation. This is what frees up your energy to be yourself and to act towards creating a “better world.” Meditate on acceptance. Meditate on compassion. Meditate on Truth.

Shakespeare said:

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts …

We all play the roles we choose. We can be unconsciously replaying karmic conditioning and patterns lifetime after lifetime. That’s why we see history repeat itself over and over again because nations as well as individuals replay collective karmic and other patterns. During presidential election season, we may put on a role representing a certain party or a movement.

Is your diet what everyone should follow? Are you beliefs better than other people’s? Are your political views better than everyone else’s? Does your religion contain the best way through this life and the most valuable knowledge? If we feel that we know better and look down at those who are not there with us, it is called judgment. Our ego is very good at supporting this separation. And if you judge, you bring tension and imbalance, first of all, into your life and, of course, into the world. If you judge, you cannot see things clearly. If you accept people the way they are with compassion and cultivate neutrality, it will help you be true to yourself and act in the best interest of yourself and others whether it is your family or a political movement. This is how unconditional love is born.

When you look at the beautiful natural world, you can see that elements interact between each other in all kinds of ways, from the gentle breeze rustling the leaves and caressing your hair to the (seemingly) most violent ones when erosion or volcanic eruptions occur. These interactions can be seen as a fight or they can be seen as a dance of love. How do you choose to position yourself in regards to the surrounding commotion?

As an actor choosing a role, you can choose to play yourself, your True Essence, your Higher Self. If you get the delusional ego mind out of the way and allow God presence to take over, you will be going through life with ease and grace no matter where you find yourself. Even if you have to deal with lies, fraud, crime, etc. you will be guided to act in the most beneficial way for yourself and the world. You will then act out of integrity and not out of fear.

If you are playing out your emotional addictions (such as a feeling of victimhood or a fear of stepping out of your comfort zone) or karmic patterns, not only your effectiveness in this world is going to be very limited, you are also going to feel drained by the seeming chaos in the surrounding world.

It is not just homophobia, racism, and islamophobia that we need to eradicate but all phobias and all types of hatred. When we hate the people who hate other people, our frequencies resonate thus empowering and supporting that type of energy in the world. That is why wars never seem to stop in the world and in the minds of people. Do you hate the establishment or the oligarchy? It is still hate. Do you hate the people who commit horrible crimes against the humanity? Do you have any idea what kind of a mess there has to be in their heads to do those things? Some of the biggest reasons are that they never face their emotions of fear, hate, and such, that they think it is okay to judge, and that they know better and always find excuses for themselves. And if you do not work on yourself to become a gentler, more accepting being, attuned to common sense and respecting others and becoming aware and working on integrating your own subpersonalities, your stuff is not going anywhere. It is going to keep piling up until eventually the dam shatters and at that moment those people do not care whether they live or die, they are completely under the influence of their delusional segregated mind. So how do you stop judging? By accepting and cultivating compassion. We are only responsible for our own actions and for our own life. What other people do is their business. Our job is to accept and believe that their path is theirs for them to walk and it is to the best of their being to go through that experience.

If you do not emotionally oppose yourself to anything, it means you do not react. This frees up the energy to express the True You. It does not mean that you support it. When you are in a balanced state, you know what to do because when you are neutral, your intuition is there to take care of you.

What about when you have to stand up for yourself? If you are neutral and if you have faith, you are not reacting or hating your opponent but allowing the God in you to take over and defend your life or your freedom. And this is how you will be making the right decisions no matter what the situation is.

In Kundalini Yoga, we train ourselves to vibrate our True Self regardless of the discomfort or pain. We get in touch with and balance our emotions. Meditation and self-observation give you deeper connection to your True Essence. All spheres of your life will benefit when you are being guided in your every-day life by that connection. And this is the preciousness of being alive at this time and place. You can anchor highly catalytic vibes of Truth through your Highest presence. And that is the best tool you have to help the world these days. Yogi Bhajan said, “If your presence does not work, nothing works.” You can help yourself, your family, your environment, your country, your planet, etc. by being your non-judgmental True Self. The real presence is when you are You. First of all, you produce an effect on the entire world, not just your immediate surroundings, via collective consciousness – we are all interconnected. And secondly, when you are present and you are vibrating your True Self, your actions are most effective. This is what creates real freedom and peace.

Be compassion. Be a catalyst. Be love. Be You.

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