Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings


Find your peace and harmony in the tropical paradise of Big Island of Hawaii. The island welcomes you with nurturing environment and powerful elements. Active volcano with lava coming out of the Earth’s heart, lush vegetation, spectacular landscape, and warm weather all year round make it a perfect place to simply relax and let go of any stress, all that drags you down or limits you in any way.

Pele’s fiery breath is the breath of Mother Earth. Expressed through the molten lava flow, it comes from deep within our dear planet, creating new land. If you look at lava closely, you will see that it truly contains five basic elements: ether is in everything, lava comes from earth and is earth, it flows like water, it has a lot of air bubbles in it, and fire comes with it. This makes the Big Island of Hawai’i a wonderful and unique place to heal and restore, that is greatly beneficial to work with different chakras, clearing and balancing them.  Big Island, in general, corresponds to the root chakra, although various parts of the island have a very different feel, and it does a great job in helping you ground yourself while balancing all of your chakras. It is a wonderful place to attune your body and uplift your spirits using ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga.

Big Island offers a bountiful diversity of tropical fruit and vegetables all year round and they taste amazing! It is so easy to fall in love with this land — you can really feel spirit of Aloha here in every smile, every tree, and every place. “Aloha” means so many things for the Hawaiians. It is a greeting and a farewell. It is compassion, care, love, gratitude, patience, truth, and kindness. The word “Aloha” is filled with mana, the Polynesian word for spiritual energy.

Connect to Earth’s magic practicing conscious awareness with breathtaking ocean views! All levels are welcome!

Explore hidden jems of the island, learn about tropical plants, and taste delicious local fruits – gifts of Mother Nature.

We are happy to offer private retreats and tours featuring meditation, yoga, and hiking in Hawaii.

Please leave your contact information to be notified when the next event is scheduled, to request a private retreat, or contact us about our services if you have any questions:

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