The Great Southwest


Southwest of the US has a rich cultural history. Many great civilizations once dwelt upon this land. Native people lived in tune with nature, respecting and honoring Mother Earth. Some left without a trace while others left fascinating artifacts, numerous ruins and mysterious legends. Different cultures would come and go like tides of the ocean washing some remnants ashore.

You can visit now deserted pueblos and ruins and tune to the energy there. And spirits that still guard them may tell you their stories. A lot of people experience a strong connection to this land and many may find missing pieces to their puzzle, unveiling new layers of their true self.

This land has so much to tell you if you just open your heart and listen and have no judgment. You may be surprised to discover new chapters of your soul’s journey here.

Rock ArtOnce you wake up spiritually and seek to find out who you really are you will be naturally drawn to specific places on Earth. There are a lot of sacred, mystical places in the Southwest. Sedona, Arizona is at the top of the list, known for its transcendent beauty and energy. Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches, Zion and Bryce National Parks, Chaco Canyon and the incomparable Grand Canyon are among our favorite places in the Southwest. Please feel free to browse through our Southwest Photo Gallery. With deep respect to those who walked this land before us, One Tribe Tours shares Sedona’s magical power spots with you offering vortex tours, hikes to Native American Ruins and Rock Art Sites and other day hikes. We also offer organized tours and yoga tours around the great Southwest as well as day hikes, river getaways and other excursions and experiences around Northern Arizona including Verde Valley, Flagstaff, Payson and Prescott area and, of course, Grand Canyon. Also inquire about individual and group retreats.

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