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Save 10% on Your Next Meaningful Adventure in Sedona! Use Promo Code: 10 Blessings

Multidimensional Updates

Living in this fast-changing modern world can often feel like a crazy ride on a roller coaster with a blindfold on your eyes. It can certainly leave many of us confused to say the least.

Shift of the ages is happening and it is happening NOW. It may seem that everything is the same and just the scene changed a little, same rat race, lies on TV, political intrigues, and wars going on. Yes, BUT the world is changing and we may not be fully aware of this change because it is so huge, more than we can possibly comprehend.

Every day our brains are being bombarded with tons of information from everywhere: intense solar activity that is affecting every living being on our planet, internet, TV, etc. Who knew 20 years ago that social media like Facebook would be so addictive? It is so easy to get caught in the mainstream commotion and a real challenge to make a choice to connect with inner guidance, to look within, or simply be aware of your breath. Your breath is your guide from dense vibes to relaxed ones. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

While we are busy with our lives, upgrades from higher dimensions are queuing up waiting for the right circumstances to be downloaded and, more importantly, integrated. This transformation begins on an individual level, like Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” And this upgrade queue is building up pressure – those of us who are more sensitive can really feel it. It can feel like an urge to act, to do something though you may not always know what exactly. Turning inward is what can help you understand the process. You may get inspired to do something you have never done before. Give it a try and see what happens. You may reinvent yourself and your life altogether.

Coming from the understanding that we are multidimensional beings already, regardless if we are aware of it or not, we need to realize that these downloads can relate to absolutely all aspects of your very being. Some of them are like complex packages and are able to uproot major issues and can take somewhere from several months to a few years to integrate. It depends on many factors how fast they integrate. Imagine rafting on a fast mountain river – you will go fast and have lots of fun if you surrender to the unknown and relax. However, if you keep trying to drop an anchor there, it may become a serious struggle. Now, relaxing does not at all mean doing nothing and indulging in your old habits and patterns, another words staying in your comfort zone. It takes a lot of effort and concentration, staying committed to the change you wish to bring. You are the one who creates your reality. So it means to stay busy yet open to new and being flexible. And quite often when you are getting rebuilt from the inside, it can be pretty uncomfortable as your body and nervous system are adjusting to a new energy flow. Ironically, we sometimes get caught by the intensity of the process, forgetting that it is a temporary state and there is light at the end of this tunnel, so to speak. But hang in there and remember to breathe deep and stay relaxed as much as you can. Being in nature is also very supportive in this process. Our mama Earth is also going through a major transformation, we are in one boat with her. Hiking in nature or walking barefoot on natural surfaces can easily help us synchronize and restore inner balance. Oftentimes a state of deep gratitude triggers a cascade of multidimensional upgrades to download. It will do magic if you add a daily meditation to your routine or even a prayer.

Remember, you are not alone – millions of people around the world are going through this inner revolution of awakening. Everything and everyone are interconnected in this living matrix of Creation, so be patient and compassionate with yourself and those around you. New realities are born in a loving heart – generate as much love as you can and don’t be shy to practice random acts of kindness, unconditionally. Stay committed to keeping your vibrations high then your ride will be smoother and more enjoyable.

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