Understanding Life

Puna coastIt was when standing on a stunningly beautiful cliff of lava rock on Big Island of Hawaii, breathing in the warm and salty mist of the roaring ocean, feeling the sweetness of hala and gentleness of naupaka under the bright light of the stars on a moonless night, I was reminded that to really feel and understand nature and all life, we have to start with having true respect to that specific form of life that you are focused on.

Start with respect to the divine creative process that is happening in all expressions of life forms and in each unique plant, element, with Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, the destroying, the creative, and the sustaining aspects present and interacting with each other in this time and space in eternal bliss and oneness, and you will always allow nature to heal you and revitalize your body. When respecting and loving life as it is, as it flows, and as it takes specific forms and manifests in individualized and unique beings, plants, humans, star visitors, their belief systems, all of the dimensional levels on which these beings exist, the depth you come to connect with surpasses even the infinity of a vast ocean or the depth of starry sky. And when you love and respect a plant, an animal, a human being, etc. you can then compassionately see it for what it is. What you see is defined by how open your perception is. The more you tune into non-judgmental acceptance of the being and honoring the eternal soul giving life to it, the more you are open to see more layers of energies flowing through the different frequencies on many levels of the being making up what is this person or other being in holding his or her reality, their Universe.  In order to understand another, understand yourself. Listen to yourself with compassion and respect to all levels of your being, honoring your soul.

How can I not be grateful for the gift of all of the senses that I have? Every single one if them is a miraculous tool that has technology beyond your comprehension. Yet, we can see, smell, hear, taste, feel the touch and feel the vibes, obtain intuitive insights, etc.

Cultivate purity and meditate on truth to subjugate your emotions from habitual patterns – and you will find your true self that dwells in this holy temple of your body. Once you get in good terms with your Soul, you can understand your life and all life better.




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